Ankara Lightweight Round

Ankara Lightweight RoundThe main value of this concrete pot is its characteristically low weight but strong construction. It can be easily placed around and rearranged without the need for heavy equipment. It is also very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Ankara China Round

Ankara China RoundThe China Round’s most notable feature is its Chinese decorative artwork finish. The style recreates ancient Chinese pottery and goes well with a classical or rustic theme. The pot is also very strong and can withstand a high amount of force.

Ankara Asia Round

Ankara Asia RoundThis pot is one of the best among Ankara’s line of planters. The design is based on ancient Asia minor designs with Asia minor artworks. This pot works best to complement a landscape design that has an exotic or ancient theme or style.

Ankara Ribbed Round

Ankara-Ribbed-RoundThe ribbed round pot is a pot made from stone and polished to perfection. The seemingly horizontal lines of this garden pot serve as a unique and stylish concept for your gardens. It is also made of strong and durable stone materials to make it last for years.